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And who said it was going to be easy!

It’s been almost 6 days now into the new-year and I had some thought provoking questions to ask myself that included what am I doing in life and where am I headed. Not simple questions for sure! It looks all rosy to be living a start-up life, well, from the outside. But no one told me it’s going to be such a bittersweet struggle. There have been times in the beginning, when we have struggled with cash flows. You are constantly worried about when will you break even, and the financial viability of your business. Exciting times, aren’t they? Then there are times when the sales are lower as compared to other months, times when a product line takes off...

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Photo credit – Ishan Tankha   Mehneer Sudan | 36 | Delhi | Dance artist What does the word ‘love’ mean to you?The word ‘love’ actually means so much to me that I’ve got it tattooed on me! It seems all my life I’ve been trying to understand it, but the more I try to understand it the more elusive it gets. And yet I have obviously arrived at certain presumptions about it. I fall in love with anything, anyone, I fall in love with men and women, with children, with old auto rickshaw drivers, with drivers, with students, with strangers I don’t meet. I think there are many different versions of love, the fleeting, the long-lasting, the desperate, the...

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Happy New Year!   We almost always highlight new beginnings and what’s to come. We are always asked to look forward. But here’s taking a moment to look back.   Let’s start with this story from many years ago. It all started with socks. Now imagine, 2 little girls living in a South Asian country, in a city where it never snows, in a house with no chimney. So they decide to make it easy for Santa by just hanging their socks outside their bedroom window. They wake up next day morning and run to their socks… and guess what? Santa sure did leave some presents for them inside the socks.   As years progress, this game continues, almost like...

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