Dear Japan

Dear Japan,

They said, "To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart." Oh, go somewhere, it did. Stealing glimpses beyond the slatted screens, diving into bowls full of ramen, it even did a happy dance under the beautiful cherry blossom trees. It wore a kimono, tied pigtails into a bun, it walked the dainty walk, thought it was all fun.

That was then. And this is now. 

The waiting.
The meantime.
The in-between.

It has been a quiet passage of time; sometimes of a gentle sadness of things, and of times when deep silences found their wings. Nothing was too small, or too less, each life had a soul. 

You taught me how to live in the now, that beauty and music can be found in the smallest, everyday action. I found in you, my peace; a reason for my heart to sing.

Dear Japan, my whole heart will be yours forever; this is a beautiful start of a lifelong love letter.