This little light of mine

My mind has little boxes, little memory boxes.
Of these, there’s one special memory box that is tucked away wrapped in fairy lights, filled with my favourite people, sweets, laughter and warmth.
It’s one of the oldest yet one of the brightest memory boxes in my mind.
It’s the one that holds a lot of light.
Light that reminds me of the light within my heart.
For it’s the box that holds memories from all the festivals I’ve celebrated and known all of my life. And even though it’s little, it somehow has space to get brighter every year I celebrate, no matter what.
Light that reminds me of new beginnings and fresh starts.
Light that reminds me to love, share and care from the heart.
Light that reminds me the warmth of hugs, the taste of good food and the joy of receiving and giving gifts.
I know it’s a lot of little small things that make up this little box but it’s these little small things that make up the little big things in my life.
And for that I will always remember to carry with me this little light of mine.