Mogra handwoven slip dress and jacket set

Rs. 2,000.00 Rs. 3,600.00


A complete twist on traditional clothing to make sure you get the most out of our LTWT outfits! This one is comfortable, stylish and can be worn in multiple ways through multiple seasons. Wear the slip dress with the angrakha jacket for a winter wedding! Wear the slip dress for a summer wedding! Wear the jacket with absolutely any other outfit! (P.S - the slip dress has an adjustable tie up making sure you can use this outfit for really really long!!)

It’s the little details that make this outfit what it is. The gorgeous zari selvedge detailing on the side, the little frill on the jacket, the churi sleeves, the little tie up balls on the jacket! Every little detail is carefully thought through and put together with love!

Care for me -

Pre-washed. Air out after wearing. Dry clean after a couple of wears. Wear more often. 

Size Guide

 The girl in the image is 4 years old and is wearing size Medium. 


Size Guide

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