Handwoven Cotton Masks - Set of 2

Rs. 350.00


A set of two masks designed keeping in mind CDC (Centre for Disease Control) guidelines. The purple checkered mask is 2 layered with thick handwoven cotton while the sage green striped mask is 3 layered with thin handwoven cotton The sage green mask has a pocket for extra layer of filter option. You can use coffee filters or tissue paper as extra filter. 

- made from breathable 100% handwoven cotton

- multi layered

- with soft and durable elastic loops to be put around ears

- washable and reusable

- designed and made in India

We had never imagined we'd be making and selling masks! But here we are, living in strange times. All we can say is that we hope things get better soon and that better sense prevails in us humans. PLEASE avoid using disposables. It may seem like an effort to wash and reuse (put them in the machine, it's perfectly okay!) but trust us the effort will be worth it eventually when you realise the money you save in the long term and the invaluable environment you save in the long term. 

Care for me -

Machine wash or hand wash, dry in sun or shade and iron to restore snug fit at once! 



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