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Hi! My name is WA. The good people at Love the world today have given me life using some of their yummy leftover fabrics. My name means 'Harmony' in Japanese culture. Quite apt, ain't it? I love whiling away time amidst nature, dancing and cake. 

It does look like they didn’t put any thought behind me because I don’t have any features or hair or you can’t even tell my gender.

But that’s exactly where they put so much thought behind me. They think it’s amazing to have a doll like me who doesn’t fit a certain idea of what one should look like. The children I go to are free to decide my gender, my face, my expression, my mood. These children are  pretty creative I’ve been told! I’m quite excited to meet them. I hear they are like adults but with better imagination, mind and heart. Is that true? Would you know?

I think what the children are going to love the most about me is how much I love to talk. Oh! And my bendy limbs. Yep! Told you! My makers did put a lot of thought behind me. They made my limbs all bendy because they know how much I love to dance after Gerald the giraffe told me, ‘We all can dance, when we find music that we love.’

By the way, have I told you about my clothes? They are all made from leftover fabrics and production scraps. Isn’t that amazing? That means I save these scraps from going to the landfills and I also help support a sweet old lady who uses her skilful hands to put me together.

Meet our doll maker who single handedly makes these beautiful WA dolls!
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