Happy New Year!
We almost always highlight new beginnings and what’s to come. We are always asked to look forward. But here’s taking a moment to look back.
Let’s start with this story from many years ago. It all started with socks. Now imagine, 2 little girls living in a South Asian country, in a city where it never snows, in a house with no chimney. So they decide to make it easy for Santa by just hanging their socks outside their bedroom window. They wake up next day morning and run to their socks… and guess what? Santa sure did leave some presents for them inside the socks.
As years progress, this game continues, almost like a ritual. Just that the socks have now become a proper Christmas stocking and Santa’s identity has been revealed - their father!
It’s on one such Christmas ritual, when our father left a little cutout from a newspaper inside the stocking. It was a quote that read - ‘If Christmas is not found in your heart, you won’t find it under a tree’
We held onto this saying as if we had just discovered a new way to live. One that meant filling your heart with gratefulness and grace.
And this Christmas, that’s exactly what we shared with the world. Little seed paper cards with this quote on it.
And before we begin the New Year and end this festive season, we want to look back at the two months that have gone by with Love the World Today, and thank all the people who we have met on this journey so far and who’ve found a spot in our heart.
Thank you Pragnya
Thank you Belinda
Thank you Beej
Thank you Divyanshu
Thank you Dev
Thank you Amit
Thank you Ashok
Thank you Nandini
Thank you Vijay
Thank you Dhruv

December 31, 2015 — Dipna Daryanani

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