Photo credit – Ishan Tankha  

Mehneer Sudan | 36 | Delhi | Dance artist

What does the word ‘love’ mean to you?
The word ‘love’ actually means so much to me that I’ve got it tattooed on me! It seems all my life I’ve been trying to understand it, but the more I try to understand it the more elusive it gets. And yet I have obviously arrived at certain presumptions about it. I fall in love with anything, anyone, I fall in love with men and women, with children, with old auto rickshaw drivers, with drivers, with students, with strangers I don’t meet. I think there are many different versions of love, the fleeting, the long-lasting, the desperate, the hopeful, the obsessive, the enduring kind of love and the list is endless, but I think all of it is love. I guess ‘love’ to me is a feeling that can be felt in many different ways. But most of all I’m trying to accept that I can’t define it!

Something that you associate love with?
I associate it with my whole being because I really have relentlessly been seeking it!

What makes you love the world?
The world makes me love the world.

[When I asked for a picture of her, this is what Mehneer shared.
'I had once taken a picture of this lovely old auto driver, will that suffice for a picture of me?']

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