This entire collection is inspired by the discovery of lavender and desire for a life rooted in and amongst nature.

Double the LOVE! Handwoven Cottons & Organic Cottons.

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One whiff and they take me to the countryside

Children's wear in organic cottons

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A life that is slow and patient, A life that is aware and breathing

Children's wear in Handwoven Cottons

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A life that has time for the fragrances the world has to offer!

Sustainable & Ethical Fashion for children

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'We spend too much time in our heads. Analysing. Wondering. Asking. Planning. Stop. Come back to here, now. Where I am, it's mid-afternoon in late summer. The sunlight is flooding the grass and the ground. It feels still and that's all for now. And all is well.'

-Victoria Erickson

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