Shahad pattu slip dress with sheer blouse

Rs. 4,850.00


Comfortable, elegant and absolutely festive! 

Inspired by the pattu slip dress lehengas, this dress can be worn just by itself or with the sheer blouse with zari motifs to make it look like a lehenga and blouse. The beauty of this outfit is in its subtly sweet shade and rich handwoven textile. Just add some flowers in the hair, and the look is complete for your little one to run and twirl as freely as she pleases. 


  • Made with cotton silk handwoven in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh and completely lined with pre-washed 100% cotton
  • There’s a pocket detailing  to ensure there’s some place to hide all the floral treasures
  • The dress has a shoulder opening for ease of wear and the blouse has soft elastication for that perfect fit!

Care for me -

Air out after wearing. Dry clean after a couple of wears. Wear more often. 

Size Guide

The girl in the image is 7 years old and is wearing size Large 

Size Guide -

Size Guide

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