A Bucketful of Love

Be gentle. Be soft. Be kind. Be love. Yes, be love. Love that is grateful, boundless, and giving.
We start our days with a grateful heart, and a bucketful of love. For the chubby fingers and tiny toes, pouty yawns and curious stares. For showing us how to love selflessly, how to care unabashedly, and how to nurture wholeheartedly. The new-borns are precious. And pure.
Just as we intend our jhablas for your babies to be. You can take heart knowing that the cotton used to make them is organic, which means you’ve helped make the earth happy, and of course the farmers growing the cotton too! Imagine knowing that the dyes used to colour the fabrics are Azo-free dyes, which make our super soft jhablas safe for your little one’s sensitive undeveloped derma. And the hands that stitch the clothes are paid fair wages, have hygienic and safe working conditions.
 Yes, your little one makes us want to be a little gentler, a lot kinder, towards each other. And be hopeful for a beautiful future, for them. Let’s refill that bucket with boundless love.