They say "Don't try to rush things that need time to grow". We believe childhood is one of them. Ours was an unhurried one, with carefree somersaults, unending hula-hoops, merry go-rounds, bedtime stories and conversations with the moon. And that's why as the world around us whizzed past, we stayed a little longer, lingering over the nips and tucks. We wanted to make clothes that let our little ones be little; Clothes that were about big smiles, soiled feet and a general sense of life that felt right.

And that's why we love what we do. It makes us happy to know that we have taken our big step for our little feet in the right direction, making quality clothing for kids in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Our clothes are made with natural fibres, organic fabrics, fabrics hand woven by artisans and weavers across the country. Our dyes are herbal and low impact on the environment - All this while caring for everyone and everything involved in the process. Because we, just like you, want our kids to care about the little big things in life.

We decided to start small. With our clothes. So when your child outgrows our LTWT clothes, just drop us a mail and send them back to us. We'll donate the good ones and upcycle the not so good ones, and share them with the other little feet that need them. After all, loving the world is also about how you let go.

Our work takes us to many remote, beautiful places in India, helps us meet these wonderful people who feed and nurture our souls. The world is such an inspiring place, and a whole lot of fun too. So why don't we love the world just a wee bit more today?