The Stories we carry

Who doesn’t love storytime? My love for stories began when I was a little girl and my father would weave the most magical stories night after night to make sure sweet dreams were made of these. 

This relationship with stories has only grown over the years. It makes me realise that everything that surrounds us is actually nothing but a story. 

Our muscles carry stories through memory. Our cells carry stories through evolution. Our bodies carry stories through emotions. Our objects carry stories through associations and memories. Our clothes carry stories through the hands that make them. 

When an Ajrakh artisan rhythmically block prints on stretched fabric with natural dyes and hand carved wooden blocks, I wonder if the emotions and thoughts of the artisan get transferred onto the textile? Does the textile then carry the history of art and skill? Is it reflective of the imperfection of humankind? 

And it is with this sense of wonder that we present another collection from Love the World Today, rooted in the love for the stories that make us who we are.

(P.S - Ajrakh as a form of textile printing, was originally practiced in the Sindh region in present day Pakistan. Around 400 years ago, the Khatri community that worked on these textiles moved to Dhamadka, 50 km east of Bhuj, in Kutch. Practiced by the local communities in the vast deserts of Kutch in Gujarat and Sindh in Pakistan, the double sided block printed textile is still made in a traditional way with natural dyes. And it still sports the classic colours of blue and red with geometric patterns.)