'The Earth laughs in flowers'

A collection dedicated to a dear friend Hari and to raising our little ones like wildflowers.
What about festivals and celebrations would I want to pass on to my children?
All the joys of bonding over shared food and laughter and being merry! 
All the powers of believing in hope, magic, beauty, resilience. And FLOWERS!!
My love affair with flowers probably began when I was a little girl. Flowers have brought immense joy to me in ways I didn’t understand when I was younger. 
Over the years, I’ve found a way to listen to them. To understand the power of  creating and letting go, the strength in blooming, the magic of art, of joy, of embracing rain, sunshine and wind. Of a free spirit, of beauty, of hope and of resilience!
And aren’t those the things we try to give to our children through festivals and rituals? I hope that this festive season, everytime you pick a flower to adorn your home, you take a moment to have reverence for what the earth shares with us. I hope that you let your little ones be part of the small rituals like setting up torans at the entrance of the house and that you tell them that what we learn from festivals is the power of a shared laughter. I hope you put gajras in your hair and talk to them about spreading one’s fragrance even when crushed. I hope you tell them to wear grace in their hearts and flowers in their hair, to truly be children of the earth - wild and free. Because love laughs in children just like the earth laughs in flowers.