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Making our own Diwali rituals

Being born and brought up in India and then moved to the United States, I realise that how I see festivities is so different from how my children see them.  Every year around major festivities I question myself how do we celebrate these in a way that my kids resonate with them and carry it forward

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Joy over Glamour

[Photo credit - Nirmala Patil] Once again, it is that time of the year… for genda (marigold) torans to brightly gleam on doorways, kitchens to puff up with the scent of homemade mithai (sweets) and namkeen (savouries), for the sweet chaos of shopping new clothes and gifts, for thousands of earthen diyas (lamps) to light up these last autumnal nights, and to make merry with family and friends. But it is also that time of the year where age-old traditions get seamlessly inherited by young ones, and old memories merge into new. All the Diwalis of my childhood come huddled to meet the Diwalis I now celebrate with my own child. The old images I have in my mind of...

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