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SUSTAINABILITY - I’ve been thinking about this word for a while now and as a maker also asking myself the question - ‘how is making more sustainable?’ Over time the meaning of the word has changed for me from a macro to micro level. The realisation that change truly starts with ourselves. It has made me question about the ways in which we function at Love the World Today. It makes me revisit our core every now and then and stick to it like nothing else matters. That also simplifies decision making. Of course two of the most critical aspects are Sourcing right and the ways of making Reducing waste, and upcycling whatever waste is generated into something of value...

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A letter to my 'business'

We are living in a time when entrepreneurship is in its full bloom, people are full of ideas, people want to take risks and dream big, people want to lead a life on their own terms and slog it out to make that happen. On the outside it does look quite pretty - to lead a life on your own terms. But only people in the start up world know what it takes - the hours, the non existent social life, the struggle, the anxieties, the months without salary. There’s a lot that we give to our businesses, our so called babies. But I’ve realised there’s a lot more that my business has given to me in 1.5 years than...

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